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Body Acne Treatment $200 (normally $320)

Body Acne Treatment $200 (normally $320)

$200.00 $320.00

Combining Clinical Peels and Body Enzyme Therapy, this treatment is 100% customised to you. Treating acne on the body requires a bit more aggressive treatment but requires very little downtime. The price is per area. Areas include: upper back, chest, neck, buttocks, arms.

By combining peels or IPL with Body Enzyme Therapy we are able to not only address what’s going on on the surface - but also work with the lymphatic system to change the function of the new skin cells coming up to the surface. The Body Enzyme is a stronger version of our usual Enzyme Therapy, and is incredibly effective for long lasting results.


Some of the options included in this treatment are:

Alkaline acne revision + Body Enzyme

IPL Acne  + Body Enzyme

Mini Remodeling Peel + Body Enzyme

Salicylic Peel + Body Enzyme

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