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Brows + Lashes

In true Scandinavian attention to detail and symmetry we care for your eyebrows, making them beautiful every time. We don’t take shortcuts – if they need to grow in we will tell you. We believe in natural looking brows – not thin and over plucked! HÜD director Gry Tømte was recently voted in the top 2 brow specialists in Melbourne by The Urban List and HÜD was also named amongst the top 6 brow bars in Melbourne by The Beauty Bible. 


Principle brow artist

(Gry is currently not taking on new clients

ØYEBRYN VEDLIKHET | eyebrow maintenance wax $50
ØYENBRYN FARGE | eyebrow tint $15


Senior brow artist

ØYEBRYN DESIGN | eyebrow design $85 (includes tint)
ØYEBRYN VEDLIKHET | eyebrow maintenance wax $40
ØYEBRYN FARGE | eyebrow tint $15



ØYEVIPP FARGE | lash tint $45 
ØYEVIPP LØFT | lash lift $130
Combined lash lift and tint $155